Pattern Testing: The Apple Cardigan by BSD

Affiliations, Pattern Testing, Sewing, Sewing Patterns / Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Okay here is a question… Who doesn’t love a cardigan? It’s that time of year again. The time of year to start collecting jackets, sweaters, and cardigans. Well I have something beautiful to show you. It’s the new Apple Cardigan by Bella Sunshine Designs.

I was able to test both the women’s version and the girls’ version, and I promise you this… They do not disappoint. I found myself looking through all the different types of fabrics in my stash wondering what each type would look like as an Apple Cardigan. I truly thing this is the kind of pattern that can use any knit fabric you find. You could use a double brushed poly or ponte de roma to get a more structured, stable garment. Or you could use a jersey fabric or some rayon to get a nice drape for your cardigan. I even thought about using some stretch lace or a sheer fabric to make a nice breezy version. I figured it might be a nice cover-up for a day at the beach. I can’t wait to try out all the possibilities with this.

The options are there, as always. You can do long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves. I love having this option because sometimes I want long sleeves that my hands can get lost in, and other times i want my hands and wrists totally free to move around. This means I can make one for both moods! This amazing pattern also has two lengths. There is a knee length option and a hip length option. I feel like with the combination of length and sleeve length along with the various fabric choices can really create many different looks from one pattern. Those are my favorite kind of patterns!

One thing I should note, is that it takes quite a bit of fabric. The end result is worth it, but make sure you are ready for it. Unlike me who had to keep going back to buy more fabric because every time I thought I had enough, I didn’t. The bottom of this cardigan is built similar to a  circle skirt. Which, if you’ve ever made one, you know can take a large amount of fabric.

For my women’s version I used an army green rayon fabric. It was on the thinner and had a lot of good drape to it. It makes for a very elegant style. I made it for a friend and she wants me to add buttons to the sides so she can wear it as a dress! ( I told you the possibilities were endless).

For my girls’ version I actually used a totally unidentified fabric from Walmart. It is textured and pretty see-through. I have no idea what it is, but I really wish I did because it was a joy to work with and the results were perfect for our Florida Autumns (which is pretty much Summer: Part 2).

I am a big fan of these patterns and I’m definitely already coming up with ideas for adding it to each season. I will probably write a post this summer showing how beautiful a bathing suit cover-up would be with this pattern. Go check out the Apple Cardigan on the Site and obviously you should take a look at all the other great patterns they have to offer.

Thanks for stopping by.

As always I mention that this post does contain affiliate links, but I assure you I would never promote something I didn’t love. I am truly a fan of Bella Sunshine Designs regardless of affiliate… and you should be too.