Pattern Testing: The Sahara Dress and Top by BSD

Affiliations, Pattern Testing, Sewing / Sunday, September 24th, 2017

I’m back again with another beautiful Bella Sunshine Designs creation. This time, I tested The Sahara Dress and Top. This pattern is a KNOCKOUT.

I decided to make the dress version of this pattern. This is the women’s pattern, but it is also available in girls sizes. I used a raisin colored knit fabric with a lot of drape. I wish I knew what the fabric content was because I love the feel of it. I purchased it from the seasonal section at Hobby Lobby and I can’t seem to find it again. In any case, a smooth knit with a lot of drape is very flattering with this pattern.

Let’s talk options. This pattern can be a dress or a peplum top. There are four sleeve options. It can be sleeveless or have short, 3/4, or long sleeves. I love patterns that have so many sleeve options because opens it up to all the seasons! This dress features a full circle skirt. This is the first time I’ve made a true circle skirt using knit fabrics. I’ve done a woven one and I’ve done one where the circle was cut in pieces and sewn together, but never a full circle cut at once. I will mention one issue I had. Because my fabric was so slick and thin it was so hard to get the perfect square to place my circle skirt piece on. I kept trying to get it even and it was not cooperating. Eventually I decided it was good enough and thankfully it worked out. If you are using a smooth and thin fabric like mine, I recommend pinning or clipping the edges together. It’s time-consuming but worth it in the end, because it’ll take you longer to keep folding and refolding trying to get it lined up. Trust me!

Overall though, I think this pattern is fairly easy. It’s listed as confident beginner and I agree. If it’s your first time working with knits, it may be a challenge only because knit takes some practice. But if you’ve worked with knits before, this should be no more difficult than any other confident beginner leveled knit pattern. You got this!

Originally I wanted to make a sleeveless version of the dress, but I wanted my daughter to be allowed to wear it at school and I didn’t want to risk it. (Me and the school dress code have major conflicts! I feel like the school is trying to stifle my creativity!) The funniest part about this dress is that my daughter hates dresses. She’s more of a pants girl. I made the dress hoping she’d at least let me take photos and hopefully I could get her to wear it to school once. Well, this pattern made her a dress girl. She loved the feel of it, and the big flowy circle skirt.

We have a wedding to attend in November and I know I will make another Sahara for her to wear. Of course she could just wear this one, but where is the fun in that? I’d much rather make a whole new dress with this amazing pattern! Plus, I am considering doing a pattern hack on the next one, so stay tuned for that. Hooray for The Sahara Dress!

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The Sahara Dress and Top:

Women Sizes

Girl Sizes

As always I will mention that I am affiliated with Bella Sunshine Designs and the links are affiliate links, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fully support Bella Sunshine Designs regardless. I don’t advertise things I do not believe in or agree with. I’m a true believer in the perfection of these patterns and you should be too!