Pattern Love: The Pippa Pants by Rebecca Page

Affiliations, Sewing, Sewing Patterns / Friday, October 27th, 2017

Oh how I love Rebecca Page patterns. A couple of months ago, I was added to her brand ambassador group and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I get to sew one of her amazing patterns each month and share what I’ve created. I plan to post each of my creations on the blog starting in January, but I want to start by posting one now.

If you are not familiar with Rebecca Page, let me fix that issue. These patterns are flawless. The instructions are very clear and the results are professional. When I finish one of her patterns I’m always amazed that I created such an elegant and perfectly created garment. She utilizes things like ruching, french seams, pockets with binding, and tall collars to create impressive finished products. The best part is that there is something for everyone. She has clothing patterns for women (even pregnant and nursing women), boys, and girls. She also has accessories. There’s even a hooded towel, costumes, and toys. Not to mention that nearly all her clothing patterns are available for dolls too. Rebecca Page definitely covers all the bases! Go take a look and grab the free patterns while you are there.

The Pippa Pants are all the rage. They are oh so comfy yoga pants that you will want to wear all the time. I suggested that they be called the “namaste in these pants all day” pants, but “Pippa Pants” is cuter I suppose. You can get them for women, girls, and even dolls! Or if you are in the mood to make matching outfits,  you can get the bundle!

The pattern is definitely packed with options. You can do a flat waistband or a folded over waistband with ruching at the sides. You can make the pants with a regular or wide leg. You can also make full length pants or 3/4 length pants. It is a quick sew and definitely suited for beginners. Although I will be honest with you and say that the ruching is a bit more complicated especially if your fabric is thin and not as stable as a thicker knit. The pattern recommends a medium weight knit which is definitely a good recommendation! Trust me, I tried a thinner fabric and it wasn’t easy. Sweater knits, stretch fleeces, and french terry are among the best options for this pattern.

I made a black pair for my teen daughter. The leg is regular with and they are full length. I knew I had to try the ruched sides because the look was so beautiful. I used lace trim for my ties instead of strips of my fabric. I love the look it created.


I will definitely be back with more Rebecca page in the coming months so stay tuned for more amazing patterns from her.

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Yes, there are affiliate links in this post. I assure you I would never promote something I didn’t truly love and believe in. I am a believer in the amazing patterns of Rebecca Page… and you should be too.