Christmas Pajamas: Free 2017 Christmas Cut Files

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‘Tis the season for giving, am I right? Well, this year I decided to make pajamas for my kids and I decided I should share them
with you. I created cut-files so I could put vinyl on t-shirts and I’m giving those cut-files to you for free!

Every year my kids get pajamas on Christmas Eve. There is a tradition in my household that every Christmas Eve Santa’s elves
stop by and leave pajamas for the kids at the front door. Two of my kids are too old for this tradition, but that doesn’t stop
me from doing it anyways! This year, I decided that it would be a good idea to make the pajamas that the elves drop off. Big
mistake! It is SO hard to get secret sewing done with a three-year-old running around. Next year I am going back to store-
bought. However, the results of the pajamas I made are outstanding!

I made four cut-files. I only have three kids, but this year is extra special for me because my brother is coming to town. He
hasn’t been home in four years so I am trying to make this Christmas super memorable. That means this year the elves are bringing him
a pair of pajamas too!

I originally planned to sew the shirts for these pajamas. Best laid plans and all that. I ordered all the fabric, and I waited
for it to arrive, and I sewed up ONE shirt. And that alone took forever. Then when I ironed on the vinyl, I ruined the shirt.
That moment was a wake up call. I decided that store-bought shirts were a fantastic idea! So I ordered some shirts from They were cheap and they got here very fast. This decision saved me so much time!

I used Siser HTV because I love it! I got a really good deal from a seller on Amazon, Craft Vinyl Supplies. I got plain black and white, gold and
rose gold metallic, and red glitter. I love buying from this seller because I can choose which colors to include in the deal. It’s like buying a variety pack, but it’s custom!

For the pants, I made the free “Walk the Plank” pajamas from Patterns for Pirates. I love these pants so much. It’s not often
that I find patterns for woven material. These pants are so easy to sew and really fast. Plus you can make a pair for the whole
family because they come in every size! I highly suggest you start making these pants!

I used plaid flannel shirting from Joanns. First of all, I love plaid and the flannel shirting had an amazing selection of plaids. Secondly, flannel shirting is nice and light which is great for us because we live in Florida. But you
can definitely use a thicker material for colder weather or even quilting cotton for super light and airy pants.


I’m pretty excited about how these turned out (and even more excited that I finally finished them). Download the cut files if
you want to make a pair of pajamas. Or, if you want coffee mugs, you could do that too. Use these cut files for anything you
can imagine and have fun.

Download the files here:

Fa la la la la and Holly
Let it Snow with flakes
HO! HO! HO! Stache
OH DEER Rudolph

*click the link to open the image, then right-click and click “save as” to save files to your computer

Walk the Plank Pants by P4P:



Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas.

Oh and for the record, I created these files and I own them. Please don’t redistribute them, claim them as your own, use them for malicious reasons, call them names, kid nap them or eat them. Thanks for understanding.

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