About US

I can’t remember when I started crafting. I have a feeling that is because I started crafting before I developed memories. I do remember sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings drawing pictures, and cutting shapes, and gluing things together. I would create these things as “presents” for my best friend, who I saw every Sunday. I think I was five. As I got older I started to play with perler beads and I made friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss. I started a giant collection of rubbers stamps, ink pads, and markers for making cards. Then I started to use seed beads with my bead loom, and used needle and thread to make seed bead necklaces. At some point, I decided to start buying ceramics to paint. In highschool, I started to paint things I sculpted myself out of clay. I also made lots of hemp jewelry, which I passed around to my friends.

As an adult, I became interested in web design as a profession, and learned html/css, Photoshop, and Illustrator. When I was pregnant with my first child, I started to crochet because it was something my grandmother did, and I wanted to carry on that tradition. Sometime after I gave birth, I decided to try knitting. After my second child was born, I decided I wanted to explore jewelry making again. I had a weakness for feather earrings, so I learned how to make them. After that, I became interested in scrapbooking and paper crafting, which extended into interesting mixed media art projects (long live CRICUT!). Most recently I’ve learned to sew and it has consumed most of my time. Throughout all of these years, there were sprinklings of miscellaneous crafts and projects, like flower arrangements, wreaths, Christmas ornaments, decoupage, polymer clay, plastic lace, glass etching, and the list goes on and on.

This blog serves three purposes for me:

For one, I felt that a blog would keep me focused. It would help me organize my ideas and stay on track. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and to get distracted by shiny new ideas and abandon previous projets. I am hoping that having a blog to post things on will slow me down and guide me.

I also want to join the community. That is a big deal for me. I’ve been crafting and DIYing my entire life, but I’ve always been alone with it. I’ve never had “crafty” friends who spend all their free time on creating things and I’ve never had a blog to share my experiences with fellow crafters. It’s honestly been lonely. I spend hours researching my own projects and finding inspiration on the internet, and I visit SO many DIY and craft blogs, that I feel finally found a community of people with interests the same as mine. But since I’ve spent all my time as a spectator and have never left comments, or had my own ideas posted in the blogosphere, I feel it’s not enough. Now, with this blog, I hope I can jump in and join the community, and be accepted as one of the many, many talented people whose blogs have inspired me, made me laugh, helped me out of a jam, or given me tips that saved me a lot of trouble! I am really excited to jump in and join the fun.

Third, and possibly most of all, I want this blog to be something I can share with my children. I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. I’ve never considered myself much of a “girl’s girl” so I always imagined having boys and never really expected girls. Now that I have girls, I truly feel it was meant to be. They have helped me become more in touch with what it really means to be female (something I always scoffed at, since I always wanted to be accepted as “one of the guys”). And luckily, these girls like to craft (and actually my husband does too, which is useful, because he can build me things). I love seeing my daughters so interested in creating things, just like me as a child, and it brings me joy to share this with my kids. I want them to help me create and think of new ideas. I want them to help me make our house a home of our own.

Ultimately, this blog is an adventure. It is documentaion of the work we put into our home. Hopefully, it will include some laughs and some cherished moments, and I’m sure we’ll have some mistakes we can learn from and some hiccups we have to overcome. Afterall, these are the things that create an adventure. And my biggest hope is that someone out there will get some inspiration and enjoyment from the journey my family takes.